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Our Mission

At Rebel Dog Coffee Company we are focused on our local community, high quality products at a fair price, and exceptional customer service. We want our guests to feel welcome and comfortable and create a more personal customer experience. We also want to share our skills and knowledge of the specialty coffee industry with our customers to help guide them towards the "perfect cup".

We are strong advocates for direct trade, and supporting local businesses to ensure that we create the best possible products.

Located on Route 10 in Plainville, CT. we make it convenient to receive a specialty coffee experience. Our trained staff is always ready to help with any requests or questions you may have.

We hope that you will visit us and become part of our community!


Mon: 7:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Tue:  7:00  Am - 7:00 PM

Wed: 7:00 Am - 7:00 PM

Thu: 7:00 Am - 7:00 PM

Fri: 7:00 Am - 7:00 PM

Sat: 7:00 Am - 6:00 PM

Sun: 7:00 Am - 6:00 PM

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